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Sometimes couples come to us knowing exactly what visual aesthetic, theme or mood they would like to impart with their wedding stationery but just need a little help to breathe life into their vision.

Jayme and Patrick were so organised, they were an absolute dream to work with. They had already done their research, found some benchmarks they liked and had even mocked up their own design.

As they were hosting their wedding in Fiji (lucky ducks) they wanted to create a relaxed tropical island vibe but still maintain a certain level of elegance. To capture this feel, Jayme had chosen a classical and finely styled script, with a modern sans serif font typeset in various sizes and some clip art palm fronds. A great effort for someone without any design experience.

The design bones were all there. They just needed a little design expertise to finesse and refine the concept and elevate their vision. Essentially all we had to do was address some spacing issues, revisit the script font selection to introduce a more relaxed vibe and find the perfect matching palm fronds.

Speaking of palms, you will notice that these invitations feature a blind letterpress impression on the palm leaves. Blind letterpress printing is simply letterpress printing without ink. When coupled with a beautiful cotton paper that crushes readily, we can create a really deep impression that is near impossible to resist touching.

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  • Matt Tawse

Wedding invitation suites that incorporate layered and fixed or eyeletted translucent overlay sheets are currently trending at The Love Press. We’ve just had so many requests this year.

Speaking of translucent overlay sheets, I just thought I would clear up one thing. Social media seems to have collectively decided that translucent paper is called 'vellum'. Fun fact - this paper is not 'vellum'. Vellum refers to any paper that is made from or synthetically imitates animal skin. Now correct me if I am wrong but I have never seen jellyfish paper before, so please social media stop using 'vellum' to describe this paper. In Australia we use Ball and Doggett‘s Curious Translucent (that name makes way more sense right?).

Small text tends to get lost on translucent overlay sheets, so a hot tip for designers is to avoid using tiny text. It just becomes too difficult to read once combined with the main invitation that sits beneath it.

When using an overlay sheet avoid small text.

Instead, use the overlay sheet for a graphic or bold text element. This invitation is a great example. It features the date in a block large enough to etch the date into peoples’ memories.

We really love the rest of the finishes that complete this piece. The invitation is white printed both sides and everyone loves the lofty feel of white printing. One side features the invitation and the reverse side doubles as info card, a clever cost saving idea.

The paper is 300gsm Curious Metallic Nude which has a very elegant yellow shimmer to it. Too much glitter would be trashy but just the right amount of sparkle is classy. It reminds me of pink champagne, toasts and celebrations…. perfect for a wedding in other words.

Say it out loud ... NUDE

The paper's colour is 'nude' which always makes me grin - go on say it with me - "nuuuuude" - tee hee). The paper boffins could have called the colour 'blush' but I guess that happens anyway after you say the word 'nude' out loud. Nude (or blush) is bang on colour trend this year.

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  • Matt Tawse

One of the spin-offs from the blossoming boutique arts and crafts markets is the renewed interest in watercolour inspired art and design. Digitally printed on the textured card, water colour botanicals make wonderful event invitations for those who desire full colour but still wish to retain a vintage craft appeal.

Erin and Steve decided to have their wedding ceremony in a natural setting at Attunga Park, Nobby's Creek with their reception to follow at Mavis' Cabins, Mt Warning. Both locations have been gifted with beautiful natural surroundings and gardens, so a watercolour theme was the perfect fit.

Erin and Stephen printed 2 kinds of invitations and an event map on Mohawk's Superfine Eggshell card. Even the map was rendered using water colour textures to match the summery botanicals in this design. It's pretty special and we can create maps to suit any of our design templates.

Erin and Stephen's design can also be found in our Wedding Template Menu. Besides what you can see here, we have a large collection of water colour botanicals that we have not posted yet. There are wreathes, flowers, leaves, buds, fruits and berries to suit any season.

Besides costing less than letterpress, digital printing allows us to personalise your invitations with your guests' names as well.

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