We love what we do and look forward to sharing our passion

for design, letterpress and all things print.


My love affair with letterpress printing never fails to transport me back to a simpler time…

Like many enthusiasts worldwide, I too have been bitten by the letterpress printing bug. Having spent many years learning the many facets of the printing trade including printing, binding, finishing, prepress and design, it feels fitting to have come a full circle and be back on the press; my passion for the printed word reawakened.

Even though The Love Press employs the latest technologies, everything about this craft feels old worldly to me. My love affair with letterpress printing never fails to transport me back to a simpler time, when print was the realm of the artisan rather than a mere manufacturing outcome.

I would love nothing more to share my passion and knowledge for letterpress with you, so drop me a line and say “Hello”.


Every design matters, especially when love, hand mixed ink, letterpress printing and fine paper is involved.

As a designer, the allure of letterpress printing lies in its transformative relationship with digitally generated design. It is exhilarating to witness a two dimensional design suddenly spring to life as it is pressed into cotton paper, creating light and shadow, depth and mood.

Another of my great loves is beautiful typography. Great type work is the bedrock of any design. It should be chosen to set the tone and capture the essence of the occasion or brand. You will often find me browsing the aisles of font foundries the world over in search of the perfect typeface for a project. And what better way to showcase a typeface than to letterpress.