Wedding Invitations Vellum Overlay

Photo of a wedding invitation with a transparent overlay sheet on top.

Wedding invitation suites that incorporate layered and fixed or eyeletted translucent overlay sheets are currently trending at The Love Press. We’ve just had so many requests this year.

Speaking of translucent overlay sheets, I just thought I would clear up one thing. Social media seems to have collectively decided that translucent paper is called 'vellum'. Fun fact - this paper is not 'vellum'. Vellum refers to any paper that is made from or synthetically imitates animal skin. Now correct me if I am wrong but I have never seen jellyfish paper before, so please social media stop using 'vellum' to describe this paper. In Australia we use Ball and Doggett‘s Curious Translucent (that name makes way more sense right?).

Photo of a a transparent overlay sheet that has been white printed for a wedding invitation.

Small text tends to get lost on translucent overlay sheets, so a hot tip for designers is to avoid using tiny text. It just becomes too difficult to read once combined with the main invitation that sits beneath it.

When using an overlay sheet avoid small text.

Instead, use the overlay sheet for a graphic or bold text element. This invitation is a great example. It features the date in a block large enough to etch the date into peoples’ memories.

A photo of a white printed wedding invitation with an vellum overlay sheet.

We really love the rest of the finishes that complete this piece. The invitation is white printed both sides and everyone loves the lofty feel of white printing. One side features the invitation and the reverse side doubles as info card, a clever cost saving idea.

Photo of a white printed wedding invitation on a nude coloured metallic paper.

The paper is 300gsm Curious Metallic Nude which has a very elegant yellow shimmer to it. Too much glitter would be trashy but just the right amount of sparkle is classy. It reminds me of pink champagne, toasts and celebrations…. perfect for a wedding in other words.

Say it out loud ... NUDE

The paper's colour is 'nude' which always makes me grin - go on say it with me - "nuuuuude" - tee hee). The paper boffins could have called the colour 'blush' but I guess that happens anyway after you say the word 'nude' out loud. Nude (or blush) is bang on colour trend this year.

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