Blind Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Photo of a wedding invitation for Jayme and Patrick

Sometimes couples come to us knowing exactly what visual aesthetic, theme or mood they would like to impart with their wedding stationery but just need a little help to breathe life into their vision.

Jayme and Patrick were so organised, they were an absolute dream to work with. They had already done their research, found some benchmarks they liked and had even mocked up their own design.

As they were hosting their wedding in Fiji (lucky ducks) they wanted to create a relaxed tropical island vibe but still maintain a certain level of elegance. To capture this feel, Jayme had chosen a classical and finely styled script, with a modern sans serif font typeset in various sizes and some clip art palm fronds. A great effort for someone without any design experience.

Photo of a wedding invitation with a relaxed tropical vibe

The design bones were all there. They just needed a little design expertise to finesse and refine the concept and elevate their vision. Essentially all we had to do was address some spacing issues, revisit the script font selection to introduce a more relaxed vibe and find the perfect matching palm fronds.

Photo of a wedding invitation for Jayme and Patrick featuring a blind letterpress print for the palm fronds

Speaking of palms, you will notice that these invitations feature a blind letterpress impression on the palm leaves. Blind letterpress printing is simply letterpress printing without ink. When coupled with a beautiful cotton paper that crushes readily, we can create a really deep impression that is near impossible to resist touching.

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