Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Letterpress wedding invitations

The first thing that strikes you about these these letterpress wedding invitations is the beautiful type selection. As designers we refer to combinations of fonts as ‘font stacks’.

It takes a dab hand, years of design experience and a keen eye to combine fonts so that the type functions and flows together as one.

Fonts are the key ingredient that we work with when developing letterpress wedding invitations. The fonts we select must impart the right feel, be legible to a broad age range of readers, convey your essence and support the theme of your wedding.

Letterpress wedding invitations

Quite often customers and designers request elaborate letterpress wedding invitations that require multiple colours and elaborate finishes like hot foil stamping or edge painting. Even though the letterpress wedding invitations featured in the gallery are only printed in one colour on Crane Lettra Cotton Paper, they look absolutely stunning. They are testament to the power of typography in the hands of a skilled designer.

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