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Two-Up Music Show Artwork

The Love Press adores working with performers and artists who bring their own creative vision to the table. Two-Up is a Brisbane based music / spoken word / comedy duo who approached us knowing that they wanted a vintage style band poster.

Two-Up had a very long list of graphic elements they wanted included in the poster design. The brief required; new branding, tag lines, coins featuring the artists' profiles, circus tents and a collection of illustrations that symbolised defining aspects of the artists' lives and practice. The artwork had to be so many things, circus inspired, a little dark and creepy, a little psychedelic, personalised and very vintage. We went to town!

Our final vintage poster design was supplied in two sizes with white space beneath for gig and venue details to be added.

Two-Up Music Show vintage poster design

From photographs we were able to make the coin heads and illustrations of the performers. Here's a close up view of our personalised vintage illustrations of the artists Po and Pat.

Two-Up performers personalised vintage illustrations

By the time Two-Up left our studio, they were equipped with; poster templates, round and square profile pics and banners for social media sites, and a range of digital branding bits and web banners for the next stage of their promotions. It was a perfect package for artists who need to a little help getting started with DIY website making, social media and marketing on a budget.

Two-Up Music Show social media banner

Two-Up social media banner design

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