Stumpy the Pigeon

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Last summer QUT Science Engineering Faculty asked us to work on a communications package. The brief required postcard designs, a range of letterheads, web banners and template concepts for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and an online newsletter. I'm not going to show you the final artwork, instead this post is intended as a design memorial for a low-poly

pigeon with bionic feet.

The first stage of the project featured Stumpy the Pigeon (sometimes known as Stumpy the White Pigeon), a well known QUT resident with missing feet (... and to be perfectly honest, a bit of a potty mouth if you follow him on social media

Sadly, Stumpy lost his star role in the finished artwork but we really want you to see him here before he is consigned to our archives forever. Amen. And we thought that the QUT SEF student fanclub would like to see Stumpy reborn in

all his bionic glory.

The low poly illustration technique allowed us to gift Stumpy with new feet. Low Poly rendering contours the surface area of an illustration in triangular sections. This is the bottom section of our low poly illustration of Stumpy the Pigeon.

In these Stumpy the Pigeon draft postcard layouts you can see we took our star into space.

During the design process QUT branding guidelines and web page layout information was considered and incorporated. The 3 web banners below needed to work on 2 widths of screen (or with 2 break points).

We loved removing Stumpy from his built environment at QUT Gardens Point and perching him on monolithic type constructions set in space, instead of vending machines but like Stumpy, the idea just didn't have feet. In the final artworks Stumpy was replaced by request with a door but we kept our monoliths and the space theme.

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