Triplexed Business Cards

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

We are often approached by designers to create mock-ups to better sell a concept to a customer. Pitching an idea onscreen can be effective but placing a finished piece into the customer's hands is far more powerful and likely to result in the concept being approved. onscreen and another entirely to actually put it into someone's hands. Obviously placing a finished printed piece into the hands At The Love Press we love to collaborate with designers by adding some of our own ideas into the melting pot, suggesting suitable production techniques to further enhance the design and creating prototypes for them.

For a customer, viewing a rendered mock up on screen is great but nowhere near as effective as putting an actual prototype in their hands to allow them to interact with the finished piece. Holding is having as we like to say.

The featured business card is a design that Herby Wagner from Tony Gooley Design created for Creative Move. We love working with this team of Brisbane creatives because the brands they develop have a personality and individuality all their own, so their designs really lend themselves to creative production techniques.

Being that the red and white brand colours are so striking, we wanted to accentuate those for the mock up. We achieved this in two ways. Rather than print a standard red on white, we decided white printing on a red paper stock would be the way to go. Ball and Doggett Paper’s extensive Colourplan Paper Range makes sourcing a coloured paper a breeze. We settled for 270gsm Bright Red Colorplan and then white printed the front face of the business card.

And secondly, we enhanced the red and white colour combination through triplexing. Triplexing is the process of fusing together three layers of paper. So we used the Bright Red Colourplan for the front and rear face of the card and sandwiched a layer of Pristine White Colorplan in between. The result is a striking business card with body and depth.

If you would like to try white printing or triplexing for your next project give us a call on 1300 568 346.

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