Foiled Wedding Invitations

We had a blast producing these luxe rose gold foiled wedding invitations.

A beautiful rose gold foiled geometric design for a wedding invitation.

Generally foil is employed quite sparingly to create a focal point. For example, on a wedding invitation it might be used for the names or monogram of the couple. However, this particular design uses foil in a more extravagant and creative way.

A rose gold foiled wedding invitation.

The front face of the wedding invitation features a gorgeous geometric pattern radiating out from the centre monogram. It is a wonderful and mysterious design, seemingly filled with symbolism. It reminds us a little of an astrological or nautical chart. Either way, we just love it to bits!

The reverse face of a rose gold foiled wedding invitation featuring foiled type.

Adding to the modern glamour of this design, the details on the reverse face of the invitation have been foiled rather than printed. Sometimes large blocks of type can be difficult to read when foiled. Light reflecting from the foil can overwhelm the eye, so we made a couple of recommendations to our customer.

Foiled type design tips; Avoid small fonts sizes and add extra space around the text lines and between lettering to create visual balance between the foiled and non-foiled areas.

A rose gold foiled wedding invitation on Ball and Doggett's Unpasted Boxboard.

The card chosen for the invitations is Ball and Doggett's 430gsm Unpasted Boxboard. This type of board is an unsung hero of the printing industry, being generally used as an unprinted backing card for notepads, notebooks or duplicate/triplicate invoice books. It is the ugly cousin of the much lauded Buffalo Board and therefore almost universally overlooked as a genuine option for a boutique letterpress piece like a wedding invitation. But the results speak volumes for the versatility of this paper, imparting a rustic vibe, a natural warmth in the hand and the perfect complimentary colour to the copper foil. #FoiledWeddingInvitations #GoldFoiling #FoiledInvitations #RoseGoldFoil

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