Fluoro Edge Painted Cards

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Fluoro edge painting business cards

At The Love Press, we love getting out the craft glue and safety scissors and experimenting with new embellishing techniques and improving upon existing ones. It had been bugging us for a while that whenever we did a fluoro edge painting job, the colours just looked a little lack lustre. We certainly weren’t achieving that 80’s fluorescent vibe that we were after.

So we rolled up the lab coat sleeves, bought every available fluorescent paint on the market and got to work. After a week of testing we had determined which one yielded the desired result ie the fluoro colour most likely to cause us to break into Wham’s Wake Me Up Before We Go-Go and dance around the studio whilst man-clapping.

With a bit more testing we refined the fluoro edge painting application method even further (top secret of course) and tested it to ensure we could consistently achieve the result. So once we were happy that we had nailed it, we just needed a real job to test in out on.

Fluoro edge painted letterpress business cards

That day, an order came through for some letterpress business cards for Led By Design, a crack team of visual artists. The card was a nice clean design printed black letterpress both sides. Quite a nice job on its own, but knowing that the Led By Design crew understand the importance of communication pieces with impact, I thought they might be a good candidate for some fancy fluoro edge painting. Luckily they agreed!

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